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27th May 2020

Beechwood develops online zoom classes for NearYou the UK's leading online class finder.

The new service features easy integration with Zoom. Its flexible, taking care of marketing, bookings and communication with customers.

The service was launched within a week of the UK Government announcing the lockdown measures. This effectively stopped gyms and studios from running fitness classes overnight.

With a collapse in bookings many studios and gyms were faced with a total loss of revenue overnight. NearYou websites and mobile Apps were reengineered almost over night to offer a Zoom service that maintained all the cool features of the platform, making it easy for instructors and studios to simply add their Zoom classes or set up zoom schedules.

Within a matter of weeks NearYou saw a resurgence in online bookings, up 20% compared to April the previous year.

Fitness instructors in particular Pilates and Yoga teachers, on the platform upgraded to take advantage of the Zoom service, giving NearYou a solid base of the best online teachers to offer online zoom classes to the public.

It's not all plain sailing, as you would expect the do-it-yourself brigade, rushed onto YouTube, Facebook and Zoomoffering free classes, free subscriptions, and donation based services. 

Unfortunately they faced a double whammy of no income, and disappointed customers unable to login and attend classes. Free generates no income.

Whilst these instructors did so with the best intentions they soon realised this strategy was financially unsustainable. Even worse they quickly realised that it devalued the service they were offering in the minds of the public. 

Many are reluctantly accepting that the do it yourself approach with all its pitfalls, generates little to no income but even worse a bad zoom experience compromises existing customers, forcing them to go elsewhere.

Anecdotal evidence to suggest that some instructors do-it-yourself yoga teachers reported losses of between 50-60% of their loyal customer bases in a matter of weeks. Even worse these customers are unlikely to return. Ever.

The upshot, has been that the do-it-yourself tribe are coming back to the NearYou Platform, simply because they lack the marketing clout and the ability to manage the customers journey efficiently. Even more importantly it allows them to accept zoom bookings and get paid effortlessly. 

The fact that Beechwood Development team added the online zoom marketing, booking and communication system, dealt with the zoom password changes in matter of days is testament to the skills and dedication of the team.

Stephen Auty CEO of NearYou said “really impressed with the Beechwood Dev team they worked hard to get the system re-engineered, up and running in less than a week. NearYou mobile apps were also updated to allow for zoom bookings. We are saving jobs and helping the public keep fit whilst locked down in their homes.”

Fitness teachers join Near You > Yoga and Pilates instructors join NearYou and benefit from a seamless Zoom online booking service.

For more information

Stephen Auty CEO

Website https://www.nearyou.best

UK TEL: +44 (0) 330 122 4572
USA TEL: +(1) 315 879 6699

email: support@nearyou.best


NearYou® is a marketplace for people in the UK and USA looking to get fit and stay fit. The platform has thousands of fitness activities on offer from Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, fitness, swimming, rock climbing, motorsports and a whole lot more.

Source: Beechwood

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