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19th April 2021

Lockdown eases in the UK, with gyms, and fitness centres opening their doors on the 10th of April. A further relaxation of the rules will come into play on the 17th May.

The public are suffering from “Cabin Fever”. The prospect of gyms, and fitness classes opening up is stimulating the public to searches for fitness activities on the NearYou websites and mobile Apps.

To catch growth in fitness searches NearYou applied new designs for the class specific websites, Pilates NearYou, Yoga Class Near You and Dance NearYou. With Martial Arts NearYou soon to follow.

Beechwood's collaborated with Scandinavian designers to come up with a thrilling design concepts that were both simple and powerful. 

The New designs heavily utilise streaming video content. The websites are visually engaging, on-page copy has been completely revised, re-written, and customised to provide up-to-date class information and improve the SEO of the pages.

Pages have been tweaked to improve mobile page downloads loads. Dynamic content APIs modified to allow for faster search quires.

Stephen Auty CEO NearYou said “The aim is simple attract more visitors and convert more to customers. The new websites offer a more immersive experience to visitors. The inclusion of videos adds colour, movement and atmosphere that better conveys what visitors can expect when they book an activity. 

We believe the timing of the new launches will help capture the mood of people looking for a human experience, looking to escape the world of lockdown.

Fitness businesses looking for new more effective ways to reach new customers post – lockdown can find out more about the NearYou platform here.


Stephen Auty CEO

Website https://www.nearyou.best

UK TEL: +44 (0) 330 122 4618
USA TEL: +(1) 315 879 6699

email: support@nearyou.best


NearYou® is a marketplace for people in the UK and USA looking to get fit and stay fit. The platform has thousands of fitness activities on offer online, in person and video from Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, fitness, swimming, rock climbing, motorsports and a whole lot more.

Online Class Finders 

NearYou.best https://www.nearyou.best

Yoga Class Near You https://www.yogaclassnearyou.co.uk

Dance Near You https://www.dancenearyou.co.uk

Pilates Near You https://www.pilatesnearyou.co.uk

Martial Arts Near You https://www.martialartsnearyou.co.uk


Yoga Class Near You https://www.yogaclassnearyou.com

Pilates Near You https://www.pilatesnearyou.com

Martial Arts https://www.martialartnearyou.com/

Source: Beechwood

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