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31st August 2018

Today we launch the all-new Yoga Class Near You USA website. The new site developed by Beechwood Communications Ltd brings a new way for Yoga studios in the USA to market their business.

The new website is bigger brighter and optimized for Google mobile-first search. Mobile browsing accounts for over 80% of traffic to the website and Beechwood have further enhanced the website to make finding and booking a class on a mobile phone to a new level.

Quicker faster yoga class searches

Faster yoga instructor and yoga class searches mean that members of the public in the USA can find a class even quicker. With online bookings increasing by over 45% on Yoga Class Near You so far the year speed is essential in completing a successful transaction.

More relevant yoga class information

USA visitors to the Yoga class Near You are beginners or just looking for a new activity in their local neighborhood. Providing relevant high-quality information including images, videos, class information, instructor profiles, prices, and times location maps in a clear way makes reserving a class a breeze.

The new expanded class information is designed to provide all the information a consumer needs to book a class on the NearYou health and fitness marketing platform.

More interactive media

The video content and presentation has been enhanced. This should prove useful in giving consumers a visual view of classes and what people can expect when they attend the Yoga studio.

With the consumption of video growing having relevant videos linked to classes will prove to be a real benefit to consumers and the instructors looking to sell their classes online.

Better high-quality pictures

The old adage a picture is worth a thousand words has never been more relevant than today's iPhone or Android smartphone user. Presentation in the consumer market is everything and the winners will be the yoga studios that pay attention to making their classes look inviting. The days where a few out of focus poor quality pictures are over. People now expect high definition linages and are put off by poor images.

The USA website features high-quality images and photo galleries that help Yoga studios create that go to class.

More Yoga studio Maps

The website is all about making life easy for people to book and find a class. Each class now gets its own location map all in one place. This is great for yoga business that operates for multiple locations where classes maybe dotted around a state or county. No need to run around, page to page all the information is in one place and it's easy to share with a friend.

So it's more useful, more relevant, and easy to book a class online.

Faster Book online capability

With online reservations for yoga classes soaring the new design has simplified layouts making it a 2 click process. Faster page loads and quicker checkouts are all there to make faster and easier to book a class or event.

Much More

These are just a few of the highlights.. the all new Yoga Class Near You USA website is a complete overhaul and NearYou expect the website to continue its growth in a very competitive marketplace.

Stephen Auty CEO said “The new design is just the start of a new phase in helping independent yoga business in the USA grow. It's a very competitive market with lots of choices for business owners. The NearYou platform very competitive prices and offers a very high level of functionality. The fact is it's totally geared towards independents offering these businesses the opportunity to set their own pricing to promote their own services yet be part of a yoga eco-system that collectively promotes yoga in the USA.”

Yoga Businesses

Run a Yoga business in the USA? Why not join the NearYou platform and get your yoga classes listed. There's a special offer on at the moment and this ends on the 5th September so you need to hurry.

Yoga Studios List your Yoga classes on Yoga Class Near You USA here


Stephen Auty CEO

NearYou® websites

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NearYou® is a marketplace for people in the UK and USA looking to get fit and stay fit. The platform has thousands of classes on offer from Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Martial Arts.

The NearYou® platform attracted over 5 million visitors in 2018 people every month looking for a local fitness class near where they live or work.

Consumers in the USA and UK can access their class booking information, calendars, favorite instructors, studios and gyms on the MyNearYou website and the NearYou® App available in the AppStore.

Source: Beechwood

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