Bookings on the Near You online platform surge 47%

9th January 2019

2018 was a record-breaking year for the Near You marketing and booking platform, attracting millions of visitors in both the UK and USA.

Our online reservations and bookings soared by 47% and the NearYou platform (developed by Beechwood Communications Ltd) is handling a record number of transactions every day.

Public Love It

The public love the service, what they really like is the easy booking service that makes finding and making bookings quick and easy. Beechwood focuses on making the buying experience fast and enjoyable.

The feedback received from customers shows that they believe the service is fast, reliable and easy to use. Genuine feedback from customers gives the NearYou booking platform a 4.8/5 star rating across all 7 websites and the APP.

Marketing and online bookings all in one!

The platform is unique, it integrates a marketing system and a booking platform in one and helps instructors and studios in growing their business alongside getting instant bookings.

Informative and relevant

The NearYou platform includes both useful and relevant information that helps consumers make that vital decision to book a class. Every class gets its own marketing page, with class descriptions, instructor information, payment options, directions and useful information about the venues.

During 2018 additional features were added including class passes, and courses, giving customers even more flexibility.

Built on experience

Genuine feedback from the public, instructors, and studios help Beechwood developers continually improve the NearYou platform. 

A range of improvements delivered in 2018 makes the Near You platform a must have for instructors and studios looking to grow their business.

According to Stephen Auty CEO Beechwood Communications Ltd, “The NearYou platform is emerging as the leading marketing and booking platform for teachers and studios. It a very low-cost way for fitness business, to grow, and importantly maximise their ROI. We are very different coming from a marketing background the entire business is focused on generating revenue for the fitness community.”


Stephen Auty CEO

NearYou® websites

UK TEL: +44 (0) 330 122 4572
USA TEL: +(1) 315 879 6699



NearYou® is a marketplace for people in the UK and USA looking to get fit and stay fit. The platform has thousands of classes on offer from Pilates, Yoga, Dance, and Martial Arts.

The NearYou® platform attracted over 5 million visitors in 2018 people every month looking for a local fitness class near where they live or work.

Consumers in the USA and UK can access their class booking information, calendars, favorite instructors, studios and gyms on the MyNearYou website and the NearYou® App available in the AppStore.

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Yoga Class Near You 

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NearYou, ® is managed by Beechwood Communications Ltd based in Plymouth Devon UK.

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