Beechwood launch NearYou Cashback sysytem

20th November 2019

New Cash back Rewards for Fitness Studios and Solo instructors

Beechwood activate a new Cashback system developed by the company to attract independent fitness studios, clubs, schools and instructors.

Now fitness businesses can earn cash back rewards on bookings. The system aims to encourage more gyms, studios, clubs and solo instructors to add their activities to Near You.

Demand for fitness activities continues to soar on the NearYou platform with bookings up 171% this compared to last year.

Cash back rewards, fitness businesses to add more activities, encourages studios, clubs and schools to join the platform and take advantage of the award winning NearYou platform.

NearYou reaches more people looking to keep fit and active.

Now fitness businesses and can take bookings for all their activities, on website, NearYou iPhone and Android apps.

Plus, activities for Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Martial arts will also appear on those websites.

It also has the facility for business to add their activity schedule to their own websites and take bookings.

It's an impressive marketing and booking system rolled into one. Its sole aim is to help people get fit and active.

Easy to manage

For many small to medium independent businesses running their marketing, taking enquiries, booking students into activities can be both time consuming and stressful.

The NearYou platform makes all these functions easy to manage from one place.

Its the best marketing and booking system for independent businesses, who can't afford big advertising budgets, and can't afford the cost of employing additional people manage the booking administration.

With the NearYou platform there is no admin its all automated, the only thing that business owners need to do is keep their schedules up-to-date.

Commenting on the cash back system Stephen Auty CEO said “ We want to encourage enterprising fitness studios, clubs and instructors to join our platform. Its very inexpensive and the cash back makes it a compelling alternative to other booking platforms such as Mindbody.

We are seeing a switch away from the public buying memberships, they are expensive, we have seen it in the travel industry where people are switching from package holidays to a more a la carte form of booking.

The public buying patterns of buying fitness activities are changing and we are quite simply looking to attract more health and fitness businesses to join out club.

The NearYou cash back system created and developed by Beechwood Communications Ltd.

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NearYou® is a marketplace for people in the UK and USA looking to get fit and stay fit. The platform has thousands of fitness activities on offer from Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, fitness, swimming, rock climbing, motorsports and a whole lot more.


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