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Beechwood produce affordable videos for websites including; full production from scripting, casting, filming, editing and uploading. Beechwood has proven expertise in web video production. Our videographers and video production team build online video content that looks great and creates a BIG impression - FAST.

Web video requires special video production and editing skills that create impact and can convey a message quickly. Designing video content that engages visitors on your website and is SEO optimised takes skill and experience.

Remember a good video is worth a thousand words and a poorly produced video or a slow loading video tells a very different story.

Consumers are consuming vast amounts of online video and images. This trend will continue with users increasingly accessing video via smart phones and mobile devices. The use of video is now an integral part of effective website design.

Don't make the mistake of thinking the video shot by a student or uploading a 30 minute corporate video to your website will be good enough for savvy consumers.

Don't forget Google just loves video and this can catapult websites onto page one (if the videos are fully optimised for SEO.)


Engage consumers with web video's
Boost page rankings (SEO boost)
Attract more LIKES
Viral opportunities
Video improves landing page conversions


Beechwoods produce high quality video at affordable prices. is hot and its growing.

Web video prices start from £1,500 + VAT for a 30second video (excludes location shoots). Discounts are available for multiple videos. Get a FREE quote today.

We provide affordable web video production services to clients in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Plymouth in the UK and Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

EXAMPLES OF WEB VIDEO - Produced by Beechwood

See examples of video content produced for client websites.

  • Mayflower Marina Video
    Mayflower Marina Video
    The Mayflower video was created by Beechwood to promote the Marina as the home of great sailing. An attractive location for boat owners to berth their boats all year round. The impact of the video has been impressive with the website seeing a notable increase in berthing enquiries. Mayflower is one of the South West's Premier Marinas recently achieving the 5 Gold Anchor Award. The marina has 396 permanent berths and 40 visitor berths making it one of the largest Marinas in the South West of England.
  • Martial Arts Near You Video
    Martial Arts Near You Video
    Marketing Martial Arts Classes is the 3rd marketing website in the successful 'Near You' Series.

    The video highlights the benefits of being listed on the 'Martial Arts Near You' class finder. Many Martial Arts styles, instructors and clubs will all be listed on the website, making it easier than ever before to find a local Martial Arts Class, at a time and place to suit you.
  • Marketing Dance Classes
    Marketing Dance Near You Video
    Marketing Dance Classes uses video to promote a new Dance class finder "Dance Near You", which enables dance instructors and studios to promote dance classes UK wide. Two videos were produced, one introducing the class finder concept, another outlining how it works. The micro site has proven to be incredibly successful allowing Dance Near You to achieve record numbers of subscribers prior to launch.
  • Gold 375
    Gold 375 Video
    Interest in gold has never been higher and Gold 375 uses web video to promote its franchise/license opportunity to small retailers in the UK. The video highlights the benefits of becoming a licensee with Gold 375. The 30 second video is proving to be highly effective in recruiting small retailer businesses. The web video is a highly effective sales tool and has reduced costs by minimising the need for 'face to face' meetings.
  • Looking for a student house?
    Video Landing Page UK Property Company
    This viral advertising video was created as part of a PPC campaign for one of the UK's largest property rental companies. The video targets students looking to rent accommodation in some of the UK's biggest cities.

  • Pilates Near You web marketing video
    Marketing Pilates Near You Video
    This promotional video for "Pilates Near You" markets the benefits of subscribing to the 'Pilates Near You' class finder web service. It highlights the advantages of Pilates Instructors and Studios subscribing to the website. Three videos were produced, one introducing the class finder concept, another outlining how it worked and a video demonstrating how the finder worked. The website has been very successful in converting visitors to subscribers. Within a very short period of time, over 1,000 classes were listed on the website.
  • Click here to view Tameside Business Park web video
    Hoe-side Apartments Video
    Beechwood have recently created a promotional web video for Hoe-side Apartments. The video showcases the attractive holiday rental apartments on offer at Plymouth's famous sea-front. The video has been very successful in generating enquiries from around the world, in particular the USA. Importantly the video introduction has differentiated the apartments from the competition.
  • Click here to view Tameside Business Park web video
    Tameside Business Park Property Video
    Beechwood have designed and produced an online video for Tameside Business Park. The property web video has a modern and fresh feel to it, promoting the business park to prospective tenants. The video has been an effective marketing tool in a highly competitive market.

  • A web video created for an online store
    Online Retail Store Web Video
    An example of a Beechwood online store web video which added a personal touch to the home page of the website it was built for. The video highlighted the key benefits of buying a product directly from an online store and how those benefits can be communicated instantly to the consumer.

  • Stiga web video
    Garden Machinery Online Store Web Video
    Beechwood have created a web video for Stiga lawnmowers new online store. The web video has two objectives. Firstly, it promotes Stiga's range of mulching mowers and their benefits. Secondly, the video reinforces their national newspaper advertising campaign for a free demo for lawn tractors.
  • Stiga web video
    Self Catering Holiday Accommodation Video Example
    Beechwood have redesigned the Pink House website to include web video. The video introduces people to the holiday home and gives them a flavour of the area. The online video has received many positive comments and bookings have been very strong.
  • Example of an interactive video
    Interactive Lawn Tractor Web Video
    This is an example of a 3 part interactive video. It includes an introduction, which then allows visitors to select buttons to view 2 additional videos. At the conclusion of each video, the visitor is given an option to go straight to the product sections featured in the presentation.

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