NearYou bookings soar up 171%

9th January 2020

Investment in the NearYou platform pays off in 2019 with huge growth in online bookings. Beating all previous records.

The NearYou fitness platform developed by Beechwood Communications Ltd saw record increase in revenue, following a year of new product launches and innovations including new website, iPhone App, Android App, a new studio administration area and finally in December a new message system was launched.

NearYou Pay As Go Service appeals to the public

The Pay As You Go fitness platform, competes directly with Big Box Gyms, and online fitness systems such as ClassPass and MoveGB which focus on membership models.

Its particularly attractive to people who are looking for the best activities but do not wish to pay through the nose via expensive memberships according to

Read why NearYou is the best value way to get fit and save money in 2020.

NearYou a marketing platform

Independent studios and fitness instructors like the platform, because its a good way to attract new students and keep their running costs low. Whilst boosting their booking revenues.

Unlike ClassPass and MoveGB studios do not have to surrender their booking revenue. Often having give away up to 35% or more of the value of the price of a class to the platform. In some cases even more.

Search for activities on NearYou 

NearYou as a Booking platform

Improvements to the platform make it a must have for small fitness studios who don't wish to pay for expensive or complicated booking system like TeamUp and MindBody.

Its now a serous contender especially as both Mindbody and TeamUp have increased their prices considerable in recent years, to effectively get rid of smaller studios because of the cost of servicing these accounts, and a drag on their profitability.

Fitness studios can join NearYou here.

There is a gap that NearYou in the market is filling very effectively.

Comment by Stephen Auty CEO NearYou said ”NearYou is effectively positioning itself to deliver value to the public and to fitness business community. The pay as you go model gives the public the flexibility to book activities without being tied into onerous memberships, and fitness business the ability to run their businesses, keep marketing costs down, and take advantage of customer automation. So they can spend more time improving people fitness.”

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NearYou® is a marketplace for people in the UK and USA looking to get fit and stay fit. The platform has thousands of fitness activities on offer from Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, fitness, swimming, rock climbing, motorsports and a whole lot more.

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