MyNearYou features in a series of inspirational videos “Millionaire Yogi's online show”

19th March 2018

Steve Auty CEO of MyNearYou features in a series of inspirational videos “Millionaire Yogi's online show” Top Tips for Entrepreneurs in Yoga, and Wellbeing Sustainability: How to use your Gut Instinct to Rock Out an Abundant Business!

The series goes live on Monday March 19th, 8am GMT: one interview a day for 3 weeks with replays during the weekends!

The series features Millionaire Yogi's and how they handle global businesses and they’re going to show you how to create yours!

Stephen Auty's Video broadcast goes live on the 3rd of April.

Sign up and access some of the best motivational videos for budding health and fitness entrepreneurs. If you only used 1 tip you’d be ahead of the game but in this online show you’ll be given so many tips there’s no excuse not to GO FOR IT! Sit back and watch Entrepreneurs who have created multi million businesses in Yoga and Sustainability from their hammocks!

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Its going to be great! Find out why the NearYou platform started, why its great for Yogi start ups! Why the platform can grow your yoga business. Listen to top tips from the founder Stephen Auty why and how he started this amazing business.

Stephen Auty CEO founder of MyNearYou said “Its an exciting project created by Sally Griffyn of Yoga Connects. I think it will help people looking to get started or just motivate them to really go for it. Its fabulous list of higghly successful entrepreneurs in the yoga and fitness business world. Tune its free this could transform your business!”

One interview a day for 3 weeks with replays during the weekends! Speakers include:

Brett Moran - Wake The F#UK UP March 20

Zachary Towne-Smith - KULA COLLECTIVE March 21

Sydney Campos - ALIGNMENT ALCHEMIST March 22

Coka Klug - YOGA TRIBE March 23

Justin Stearman - YOGA GUIDE MAG Monday March 26

Heidi Hong - THE XANADU LIFE Tues March 27

Emmy Wu - HOUSE OF VEGANNATTI Wed March 28

Veroniek Vermulen - SILATHA JEWELLERY March 29

Lucy Edge - YOGA CLICKS March 30

Rachel Wainwright EXHALE YOGA RETREATS- April 2nd

Stephen Auty - MY NEAR YOU April 3rd

Michelle Catanach - RISE OF THE BADASS April 4th


Nathalie Kealy - VALUE YOUR MIND -April 6



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NearYou® is a marketplace for people in the UK and USA looking to get fit and stay fit. The platform has thousands of classes on offer from Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Martial Arts.

The NearYou® platform attracted over 5 million visitors in 2016 people every month looking for local fitness class near where they live or work.

Consumers in the USA and UK can access their class booking information, calenders, favourite instructors, studios and gyms on the MyNearYou website and the NearYou® App available in the AppStore.

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Clients include Expedia, AXA, Next, The White Company, Moss Bros, & Tepilo and NearYou.

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