Beechwood launch NearYou iPad APP

2nd March 2017

After the January launch of the NearYou iPhone App, Beechwood have now followed up with the launch of an iPad version. Designed to make it easy for people to find and book classes, events and workshops on their iPad. Essentially it's designed to give people more ways to find and book classes, taking into account how they use their devices during the day.

People use their mobile devices differently depending on what they are doing at any point in time.

NearYou iPhone App reaches people on the GO.

According to Neilson, iPhones are generally used on the go, waiting for something, out and about, visiting friends.

NearYou iPad app targets 6pm - 11pm downtime

Tablets tend to be used watching TV, lying in bed, or generally in the home relaxing. The heaviest period of use comes between 6 pm and 11 pm – times when most people have downtime for activities.

Tablets allow NearYou to reach people when they are at home relaxing. They also spend 42% more time in apps on their devices than iPhone owners. With less rush and more choice, finding and buying a fitness class is now as easy as switching TV channels.

Near You iPads designed to reach moms when they are relaxing

Figures show that mum's use iPads in the evening to relax, catch up on social media and play with pictures often whilst watching TV. With tablets providing a better reading experience, brighter, clearer retina images, they offer a more FEELGOOD lifestyle experience than a phone APP.

The NearYou iPad App takes advantage of this to present health and fitness classes.

Near You iPad ideal for females running small businesses

Figures indicate one of the biggest groups of users are females running small businesses, who use their iPads to run their business. This key group of affluent females such as interior designers, freelance journalists, photographers, architects, counsellors, PR managers, use their iPads through the day.

NearYou iPad version can help them keep fit and stay fit – destress with a relaxing Yoga workout or sweat it out in a Kickboxing class.

Near You helps business women and men FEELGOOD anywhere, anytime.

NearYou iPad offers multi screen access

According to ComScore people use multiple devices phone, tablet and desktop. That's where the NearYou health and fitness class finder has positioned itself. Whilst Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google talks about mobile first, the reality is that smartphone use is overwhelmingly popular for some activities such as social media, messaging and catching up with news and gossip. The majority of consumers have desktop (and tablet) devices which they tend to use for more detailed review and purchasing.

NearYou has it covered making buying a class online even easier.


The take away from this article is that unlike competitors such as MindBody with Near You platform all the bases are covered. So if your relaxing on the couch get out your iPad download from the Apple store and get active. Book your next fitness session on the NearYou iPad app.

The NearYou App is designed to help people FEELGOOD by making it easy to for the user to book a health and fitness class where and when they want in just a few clicks.

Download the iPad APP here


Stephen Auty CEO
NearYou® websites

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Beechwood is a Plymouth based tech company. NearYou® is a marketplace for people in the UK and USA looking to get fit and stay fit. The platform has thousands of classes on offer from Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Martial Arts.

The NearYou® platform attracted over 5 million visitors in 2016 people every month looking for local fitness class near where they live or work.

Consumers in the USA and UK can access their class booking information, calenders, favourite instructors, studios and gyms on the MyNearYou website and the NearYou® App available in the AppStore.

Fitness professionals

The NearYou® websites provide fitness instructors, studios and gyms with a range of online marketing tools which allow them to successfully promote their classes, workshops and events online.

If you are a fitness professional, you can list your Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Martial Arts classes.

Use the links to sign up and get your classes listed.


Yoga Class Near You

Dance Near You

Pilates Near You

Martial Arts Near You


Yoga Class Near You

Pilates Near You

Martial art Near You

Near You® websites are owned and managed by Beechwood Communications Ltd based in Plymouth Devon UK.

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