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15th June 2020

Video on demand for websites and mobile APPS. 

Interest in on demand fitness videos has boomed since lockdown. Initially people posted videos on Facebook and Youtube for free.

Missing out on a huge opportunity to monetise their own videos.

Now has stepped in with an easy to use streaming video platform. 

A streaming service as user friendly as NetflixAmazon or Youtube and just as seamless across devices.

The new service beams flawless video anywhere, on any device, smart TVs, Tablets, PCs, and Macs. Anywhere in the world.

Fitness Instructors can now broadcast Videos and take payments

Beechwood developed the online video service into the NearYou payment platform in a matter of weeks. Giving fitness instructors the opportunity to quickly create fitness video series that can be purchased online by the public.

The public can now access Daily fitness classes anytime and anywhere.

Everything from streaming Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Dancing, Martial Arts, Somatics, Music lessons, even motorcycling hints and tips.

The benefit to fitness professionals is that they can upload their zoom classes, or shoot videos at home and reach out to existing customers locked in at home and find new worldwide markets to generate revenue.

New videos being launched everyday subscribe for the latest video releases.

Why post video for free when you can generate paid subscriptions

Beechwood saw a opportunity in the market prior to COVID-19. The streaming service development was well underway prior to the lockdown iojn December of 2019.

When lockdown hit the immediate demand was for zoom fitness classes so that took priority. Beechwood successfully upgraded its platform to provide a fully automated zoom booking service. 

Then went straight back to finishing off the streaming video service. The service went live 2 weeks ago and already 100's of videos have been sold online. With customer parsing the ease of purchase and the high quality of the videos available.

Stephen Auty CEO of NearYou said - Why post video for free when you can generate paid subscriptions?

“The reaction to the Covid19 crisis by the fitness industry was immediate. Many instructors, ran to social media platforms, zoom, and Youtube offering free classes. Many thinking that the crisis would be over in weeks, and they could defer taking payments for classes. 

Three months on and with no sign that gyms and fitness providers will be not able to run physical classes anytime soon (without breaking the lockdown rules), or even if the rules are relaxded only able to accommodate small numbers of customers.

The impact on fitness studiosm, gyms, spas and fitness centres will be devastating.

With many, gyms, health clubs, studios and sole traders will go to the wall, or simply shutting up shop probably forever."

NearYou is providing a valuable income lifeline to the fitness industry 

The new service gives fitness professionals such as Yoga teachers, Dance teachers, Pilates instructors, personal trainers, and Martial arts instructors access to a whole new world, new audiences who are willing to pay online for the Best video service.”

Fitness instructors and teachers on demand video

Great opportunity to show case their professional What are you waiting for this is a great way to reach millions of people looking for fitness videos.

Start selling you videos on demand

Find the best streaming video service. Subscribe sign up.

Source: Beechwood

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