The Future is M-Commerce

Whether you are an established bricks-and-mortar store with a loyal customer base or a new website focused on e-commerce to sell your products online, your business needs to embrace mobile commerce.

Suprisingly, even today as online shopping replaces traditional shopping, many retailers shy away from the web. Shopping on mobile devices is simple for your customers, intuitive and its growing.

Research indicates that shoppers are using mobile devices in ernest to check out online prices using comparison websites to get the best deal. Many retailers are failing to see the issues that this use of mobile pricing information is having on the their businesses.

In the USA 52% of shoppers are using price comparison websites whilst shopping. The trend in the UK will follow the states, and so retailers need to take action now or face a decline in sales.

M commerce is 360

The best way to begin to take advantage of M-commerce is to take a look around. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets. They now buy products while on trains, in the coffeee shops, on a bus or at home watching TV. With mobile you don't need to be tied to a computer as long as they're connected they can buy. It can therefore be a more impulsive and immediate experience.

So people who use mobile devices will buy anywhere at anytime and increasingly will compare and buy.

Put Your Online Shop In Order

It is important when building a mobile commerce website  to make sure it displays well on smartphones and tablets. If it does not, then you need to redesign the website for mobile internet now.

When building Mobile websites use adaptive layouts which format the pages to make it easier for users to click on buttons and follow navigation. If they can't click, they can't buy.

Add full manufacturer's product codes and full product descriptions on your website so that customers can find you on mobile searches. If they can't find the your listing for  the product they'll buy from a competitor. But get it right, and you could make a sale while the customer is standing in your competitor's store!

Add ratings and reviews - they can be the secret to converting someone to buy your products and from you. According to research 32% of smartphone owners read customer reviews.

A few Mobile Ideas to Drive In Store Traffic

Add vouchers to your m-comerce website. Create mobile vouchers that can be redeemed in store. These work a treat and can be very simple to implement, and in addition to increasing traffic to your outlet, can be used to gather email addresses and names for future marketing.

Add simple competitions to your mobile store, pick up your gift instore today, or 50% off price promotion... there's lots of great fun ways to drive instore retail traffic.

Create special promotions that require a mobile reponse : TEXT this number to get a free hamburger meal code.

Text customers on their mobiles with offers and deals to intice them to visit your store at peak shopping times.

Hand out vouchers with QR codes for special deals and offers which are only advailable via your mobile website. Use QR codes in printed advertisements and accurately  measure the response.

M-commerce is Ecommerce on the move

Mobile or m-commerce is not being fully utilised yet and It can be a great way to generate business. Online mobile stores are often, as in the case of Amazon, much better than its desktop version at capturing certain types of sales. If you are ready to grab impulsive must-have buying decisions, a whole new slice of the market opens up to your business  Investment in this area by Amazon and other retailers is paying big dividends so if you want to move onto this space you need to mover fast.

ABI research predicts that by 2015, mobile shopping will have grown to be a $163 billion worldwide business. What percentage of that will be yours?

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