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SEO Service

Beechwood offer an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) service, designed to help your website achieve high search engine rankings, using targeted keyword and optimisation strategies. SEO makes your website and its content attractive, relevant, and visible to search engines and web searchers. Our track record of consistently achieving high ranking organic search engine positions is highly valued by our clients.

Competition in all business sectors for page one positions means that companies are paying for SEO services due to recognising the importance of search engines and strong search engine positions to their business.

At the same time, Google is weeding out websites that are misleading or using methods which it does not condone, such as link farms or valueless link building. This is having a devastating effect on some companies who had relied on bending the rules and using questionable methods of "search engine optimisation" as the basis of their strategies.

Our ethical approach to SEO has always been at the foundation of our website design. Our ethical SEO service works within Google search engine rules to build your new website, or rebuild an existing site to deliver relevant content for your chosen keywords, and so achieve page one listings.

Our skilled search engine optimization team provide SEO for companies across the UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Belgium.


Improve page 1 rankings
increase visitor traffic
Improve referral links
Attract better quality visitors
Reduce bounce rate and achieve conversions

We can help you with your existing website on a consultancy basis. If you are looking for a new website, Beechwood ensures that search engine optimisation is built into all our website designs (see web design process) from day one. We provide ongoing top ranking SEO services in our service contracts.


If you want page 1 Google rankings for your business and need to give your website a boost, why not take advantage of our expert SEO service and contact our SEO team today.

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