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Beechwood's mobile web designers ensure that your mobile website is connected to the world of mobile devices. This means that your website is configured to display on a range of smartphones and tablets. We use adaptive website designs or build special mobile websites that are created solely for consumption by users using mobile devices. The increasing use of mobile devices around the world means that every business needs to deliver content to mobile bowsers. Our clients are experiencing the benefits with big increases in mobile web traffic. Typically we see 15-20% overall uplift in visitor traffic, which can be attributed directly to our clients' mobile websites. Contact our UK mobile website designers in Plymouth.

Learn more about Property Service
According to Google, mobile search will overtake desktop searches in the next year or so. Interestingly, mobile web searches are skewed toward local searches and, again according to Google, 1 in 3 searches are local based searches. This has big implications for the property business and consumers buying, selling or renting property. They increasingly use smartphones and mobile devices to find local properties. Beechwood has significant expertise in creating mobile property websites that include property searches.

Call our Mobile website design team for information on mobile property search.  

Learn more about m-Commerce Service
Mobile commerce is growing as consumers turn to smartphones to make payments and access their bank accounts. Beechwood design m-commerce websites to take advantage of the growth in mobile e-commerce. Over half the world's population have mobile phones and with sales of smartphones and tablets set to overtake the sale of desktop computers, the potential of mobile e-commerce is potentially bigger than anything we have ever experienced before.

Contact our mobile design team based in Plymouth UK for more information on e-commerce.  
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